Mickey Mouse/ Smile – Bracelet (Diamond)

Mickey Mouse is like a sorcerer who can make everyone smile! By wearing this piece of jewelry with a Mickey Mouse silhouette, you must become smile right away…
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The silhouette of Mickey Mouse and his hand are designed to be accented this bracelet.

You may want to call attention to the lovely design and say, “Look! Here’s Mickey Mouse!”

Metal: 18k gold

Bracelet: 17 cm + extender chain 3 cm (including the “hand” motif)

Motif (Face): approx. 3.5 mm in length, 4.5 – 4.6 mm in width

Motif (Hand): approx. 4.4 mm in length, 4.9 mm in width

Chain (2 types): Faceted cable chain – approx. 0.9 mm in width; faceted ball chain – approx. 0.8 mm in width

Gemstone: Diamond 0.03 ct x 1 piece


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