Couple Rings/ Donald & Daisy “Happy Hip”

Cute hips of Donald and Daisy are the motif. For couples who get along well and have playful minds all the time.
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◆刻印可能文字数:10文字まで ◆【アルファベット大文字】【数字】と【記号「.」「to」「&」】が使用可能。(※「to」は1文字としてカウント) ◆刻印内容は、≪日付≫≪お客さまの名前≫≪お客さまのイニシャル≫のみ可能。内容によって変更のご相談をする場合がございます。
◆刻印可能文字数:10文字まで ◆【アルファベット大文字】【数字】と【記号「.」「to」「&」】が使用可能。(※「to」は1文字としてカウント) ◆刻印内容は、≪日付≫≪お客さまの名前≫≪お客さまのイニシャル≫のみ可能。内容によって変更のご相談をする場合がございます。
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Donald and Daisy’s hips are designed at the sides.

The design looks a bit plane, but is filled with playfulness; it can make you smile every time you see it…!

By using metal richly and making the interior of the ring rounded, it provides a comfy wearing experience.

Simple enough to wear it everyday. The motif is not so rounded that men can wear it without hesitation.


Metal: silver 950

Ring arm width: approx. 2.25 – 2.45 mm

Ring arm thickness: approx. 1.6 – 4.5 mm


Metal: silver 950

Ring arm width: approx. 2.4 – 2.7 mm

Ring arm thickness: approx. 1.7 – 5 mm


- For engraving, the following is the available content, letters and symbols for Disney products:

Content: dates, names and/or initials

Letters and symbols: alphabets (CAPITAL letters only), numbers, “. (period) “to” “&” (counted as one letter)*

*Please use “( )” when you request any of the symbols to differentiate the symbol from the other letters: e.g., “M(to)J”

*Please be advised that we may ask you to change the content if necessary.

- This silver product will be rhodium plated to avoid changes in the surface color.

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