“Toy Story 4” Ring/ Awesome Two (Ducky & Bunny) [Online Shop Limited]

Every day must become more fun with funny and popular Ducky and Bunny!
◆無料刻印は【アルファベット大文字】【数字】と【記号「.」「to」「&」】が使用可能です。(※有料フォントは小文字も使用可能) ◆ディズニーデザイン商品の刻印内容は、≪日付≫≪お客さまの名前≫≪お客さまのイニシャル≫のみ可能です。内容によって変更のご相談をする場合がございます。
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Ducky and Bunny, new characters in the spotlight, are designed in a set of rings.

Looking just like they are holding their shoulders each other, the two rings are piled up perfectly.

The combination of silver and gold color can be an accent on your outfits.

Metal: Sterling silver (Ducky – yellow gold plated; Bunny – Rhodium plated)

Ring arm width (2 rings): approx. 3.1 mm – 12.3 mm at max

Ring arm thickness: approx. 1.7 mm – 6.5 mm at max


- This product is sold as a set of two rings. Both rings should be ordered in the same ring size.

- For the engraving option, letters will be engraved on the Bunny ring (i.e., silver color one).

- This product is available in silver only.

- Available ring sizes are limited to the choices on the list.